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#Cheers Innovation, contrary to popular belief, relies on a full understanding/mastery of the past. Only in being more of a master than the previous master can you redefine the thing you are mastering. (Read 5x) In being the master you KNOW more than anyone the pitfalls, weaknesses, the unforeseen needs - it is here that you can make strides. YOU CAN JUMP. Let's go. :) #Makati #Manila #Philippines #startuplife #instagram
Do you see that small streak of #clarity ? BE AFRAID It's enough to see the whole world through. Behind the glass you need to move. In front of it - you can wipe off all that makes it blurry. You'd be on the edge of the building. The wind will batter you. But. Only YOU will know it. You will have a story to tell. Your blood would've fought back the cold. And no one willever be able to take that away from you. BE ALIVE. #startuplife #Makati #Manila #Philippines #instagram #BetterTheWorld
A few great things to really miss. The office turns off its lights from 12-1 every lunchtime to give people time to unwind. Some go out to eat. Some #play. Never forget to keep at your passion. Be it anything. Do it everyday. Even just a little bit. NEVER stay at the same level. It's not passion if you do. (Don't mind my voice please lol) Cheers. #Makati #Manila #Philippines #startuplife #instagram
When they say it's more fun in the Philippines. I tell you. IT IS. or better yet, we CHOOSE to just have more fun and see things in a different #perspective. The people of the #Philippines encounter trouble and hardship everyday. It's in our blood. See a Filipino bleed and watch that blood snap back at you (lol). Most #VC, #CORPORATIONS, and other #INVESTORS are waiting for the next success story to start investing. Guys, you wont go wrong here. There is grit in every Filipino. Just try us. Let's go? #startuplife #Makati #Manila #Philippines #instagram
It is great to see a turnout of 40% entrepreneurs. The #startuplife is real in the #Philippines Delegations from different countries abound. There is capital just waiting for success cases. Realizations: 0. Just jump 1. Keep culture at day 1 everyday 2. Be better than who you're disrupting 3. Be fast 4. It's real - no playing Let's talk. #Makati #Manila #instagram #igniteph
Say hello to our little friends. The #startuplife is so alive in the #Philippines that hubs pop up everywhere. Do be mindful of sharing your ideas, guys :) #innovation relies on Track record, Grit, AND Openness. Let's go? #Makati


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