Dreams come – they might never leave us though.

How do children in the Philippines sing?

It is not uncommon for the #Filipino to #sing – it is a great thing. It is also not uncommon for #children to #sing in jeepneys while they hang for dear life to get a few coins from the passengers. You cannot blame them from looking away. We are often tired and need the money ourselves, right? Even the littlest bit we try to scrape. There is also that notion of children like these to play and gamble with the money. Worse, the notions they might even use it for sniffing contact cement or "rugby" to quelch their hunger and weariness. What do we spend on? Ourselves, newer everythings? Trends? Php 1,000 haircuts for our pets? Maybe if we share a little bit to institutions that help get the children off the streets through programs that raise their dignity they might sing another tune? They would sing/rap of poverty and avoiding drugs for a good 3 minutes. It is not an uncommon sight. #Manila #Makati #Philippines

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How do you sleep?

#cold It was really cold last night. The rain would stop only 9am this morning. The streets, facing the brunt of the storm, were starting their metamorphoses to canals. #souls try to rest and sleep – possibly the rain their idea of a mother's lullaby. One in particular I came across. He had his bare feet on the ground. I would often bare my feet just like that to relax – I wonder what he was thinking. Maybe the pull of his slippers became a bit too much to bear carrying the the flood current? Maybe they were a bit itchy? Maybe he was just like me that snuck just a bit of my feet off my blanket because I simply liked it that way. I came back this morning and he was no longer there. It was really cold last night. #instagram #story #Makati #Philippines #whpmyeveryday

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What is most important in life today?

How do you #sleep ? What would be your best tips to fall asleep? Saw this first hand last tuesday where some "illegal settlers" (i was told this was the more politically correct term) were stripped of their last possessions in the name of keeping the #Makati City clean. The police were just doing their jobs – don't hate. How the settlers got there I cannot surmise anymore as the #Filipino people see this as a very normal scene. I cannot say anything for the people that did not help – they have much more to worry about. (Maybe not) There are so many economic models and theories and novel solutions ranging from very simple to the venus project. I doubt them all though. Ehat must change or improve is the people that we are. When things of this world are not the most important in our hearts, I believe we can have that level ground for us all to stand on. I want to be part of that change. #future #love #instagram

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Rules are for our freedom – use them.

When you see it 🙂 #red #makati #Philippines #rush

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Have you ever gone into a new country and had this looming feeling over you – where you were real careful about everything you did? When did the feeling go away?

I’ll bet on two things about that feeling going away:

  • you knew a bit more about the place
  • that feeling was called freedom

Knowing a bit more about a place boils down to knowing the social norms and rules that governed where you are. This is freedom.

Most people misunderstand freedom, what they see sometimes as freedom is more akin to anarchy. The mere fact that we are human and here on earth shows how important rules are. Imagine if there were no laws of physics, how could we survive? Knowing more these laws have made us progress exponentially – freedom.

The freedom that I wish to pursue is the freedom from not knowing. The saddest moments in my life where when I had, in very brief moments of extreme grief, forgotten that God was there. I am so thankful though for the people that kept reminding me of His presence. I am free because I follow God and his commandments.

Imagine if everyone in the world pursued His two greatest commandments? Loving Him and loving our neighbor as ourselves. I will NEVER believe that we could not be living in Mars right now, or have the cure to the worst diseases for that matter. So much of our time has been spent in “defending” or “preparing” for threats from other people that we have delayed progress for more than 99%! How many lives have been lost in wars? How many hours have been spent on creating better guns to kill people than guns that heal people?

I am not the first to call and think about this.

I wish to keep the conversation going.

Let’s  not just read or write, let’s do something!

Romans 8:28 “We know that all things work for good for those who love God, who are called according to his purpose.”


Amen! God bless! 🙂