What is most important in life today?

How do you #sleep ? What would be your best tips to fall asleep? Saw this first hand last tuesday where some "illegal settlers" (i was told this was the more politically correct term) were stripped of their last possessions in the name of keeping the #Makati City clean. The police were just doing their jobs – don't hate. How the settlers got there I cannot surmise anymore as the #Filipino people see this as a very normal scene. I cannot say anything for the people that did not help – they have much more to worry about. (Maybe not) There are so many economic models and theories and novel solutions ranging from very simple to the venus project. I doubt them all though. Ehat must change or improve is the people that we are. When things of this world are not the most important in our hearts, I believe we can have that level ground for us all to stand on. I want to be part of that change. #future #love #instagram

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Travel together – till you grow old

God is with you.

You might not believe it but He is always there between two people in love.

A relationship relies on openness, it relies on trust, it relies on loving the person in his/her humanity and letting God fill up the rest. This is the reason why some people can love others seemingly unlovable.

When you are in Him the gratefulness of your heart brings you to joy and love. It is fascinating how one can forgive another so many times. God is blessing the forgiver. The opportunity to pray for someone or to bring them back to the right path is a grace not everyone can have. It is up to the forgiver to let God’s mercy flow through him/her. Stick to it. God sees everything – especially the state of your heart. God sees more than what we can ever see. God’s wisdom is something we can never understand – we can only have pieces of it. Trust that He will make a way.

The journey of a married couple should be a short one.

The journey married as ONE, when it comes, should last till they both meet God.

Colossians 2:6-7 “so, as your received Christ Jesus the Lord, walk in him, rooted in him and built upon him and established in the faith as you were taught, abounding in thanksgiving”

How do you see love? – I hope you see it as coming from God. 🙂

What is the most important aspect of marriage? – I hope that you hold on to God who IS love. 🙂


Amen. God bless! 🙂