How do you sleep?

#cold It was really cold last night. The rain would stop only 9am this morning. The streets, facing the brunt of the storm, were starting their metamorphoses to canals. #souls try to rest and sleep – possibly the rain their idea of a mother's lullaby. One in particular I came across. He had his bare feet on the ground. I would often bare my feet just like that to relax – I wonder what he was thinking. Maybe the pull of his slippers became a bit too much to bear carrying the the flood current? Maybe they were a bit itchy? Maybe he was just like me that snuck just a bit of my feet off my blanket because I simply liked it that way. I came back this morning and he was no longer there. It was really cold last night. #instagram #story #Makati #Philippines #whpmyeveryday

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What do you see?