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Load up before a loaded test. #Makati #Manila #Philippines
This got me thinking. I doubt I'll ever get one. Maybe be part of someone else's story when they get one would be more possible. Maybe be part of more people's stories? Let's see. #Cheers #Makati #Manila #Philippines
We talked about everest today. Brings back great memories. The greatest risks with the greatest rewards. Mt. Natib, summit camp, 1,250 masl. Paltry in comparison, but oh that beauty. I've hung up my shoes after years of climbing. I'll be back. The mountains will be a bit taller then. #2014 #Makati #Manila #climb #Philippines
A moment. I had to take it. Made me reflect how a moment saying yes preludes a lifetime of work. Notice their hands. It took a brief 2 minutes before they would pass. Their eyes weren't that good, they kept looking for each other's hand. And they walked - in synch. Check where you are. Look for this. What do you hold on to in your relationships? A memory? A feeling? A promise? A dog perhaps? Hold on to hands. Feel the warmth and the lack of it. Make an effort if you really want it. #lolosofmakati #lolasofmakati #relationshipgoals It's been a while that I've posted something like this. The feeling's always the same. #cheers #Makati #Manila #Philippines
3 months. 146 pages. Draft 1. Life is awesome. Find somethig to be passionate about. It doesnt have to be something so big. We are all creative. #cheers #Makati #Manila #Philippines
Cheers. 95. Great number. Creativity. Millions touched.


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