When you sing, sing your heart out!



It feels great to #imagine – it takes more to #hope – ten to twenty times more to actually do something. The #millenial generation are a bunch of dreamers. There is so much potential waiting to explode. A lot of us are scared. We are currently stuck at the intersection of two horizons – one, of the tried and true (the order and reliability of processes nd strategies that have proven themselves historically) ground and two, of the bold new frontier (the undefined, fast-paced, often risky new paradigms in business) reminscent of waterworld – i could still remember my awe at when they went "fishing" and "touring". The mother of the child in the picture was worried of her constant rash. What do you see in her? Let's see hope. Those eyes to look at the world and the grit to spit on the rashes that are turning into lesions. #Hope #Makati #Philippines

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