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Be childlike – always open and trusting.

The sto.Niño reminds us of many things. God became a Child to show how close he wanted to be with us. His truest form of love was to be as vulnerable as a child to His people. We are called to be child-like. to have humility in our weakness. We are not alone and it is only through others thay we see Jesus so close to us. Children are the most resilient in the "monotony" of life. It is only them that can find joy in the simplest and most ordinary of things. We have "grown" and slowly forgotten this Joy. People may find it hard to understand sometimes, but I am simply joyful at where I am. Instead of saying bad things you've heard from others, why not try the journey yourself? 🙂 Viva pit señor! #Philippines #Makati #Catholic #Sunday #Mass #stoNiño

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