Sometimes we don’t look before we leap. Worse, we dont look where we spit.

Life is a gift. A lot of people don’t see that yet. Some are asking more and more to be rid of it.

Goodnights in the mornings are beautiful.

Christmas in the Philippines starts early

I remember my father.

"Check!" It was 7am, I was groggily walking to mcdonalds to get my morning shots (yes, multiple – I enjoy the free refill *wink wink*) of #coffee . I would find a battle of wits on the streets. I can still remember the first time my father taught me to play. We were going around collecting dues and I was getting restless. I was surprised he had a board hidden in the car. I would play till today on my phone. Most of the challenges, trainings and activities we have today are tactical – 2 to 3 steps. We are living in the quick and dirty – the fast and not perfect. Today, the most prevalent thought is the thinking only of ourselves. #Chess is dying though. Chess teaches us to think of the endgame even before the first move. Chess teaches us of looking at the board. Chess teaches us of valuing each piece on our side. Let's play 🙂 #Makati #Philippines

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