How do children in the Philippines sing?

It is not uncommon for the #Filipino to #sing – it is a great thing. It is also not uncommon for #children to #sing in jeepneys while they hang for dear life to get a few coins from the passengers. You cannot blame them from looking away. We are often tired and need the money ourselves, right? Even the littlest bit we try to scrape. There is also that notion of children like these to play and gamble with the money. Worse, the notions they might even use it for sniffing contact cement or "rugby" to quelch their hunger and weariness. What do we spend on? Ourselves, newer everythings? Trends? Php 1,000 haircuts for our pets? Maybe if we share a little bit to institutions that help get the children off the streets through programs that raise their dignity they might sing another tune? They would sing/rap of poverty and avoiding drugs for a good 3 minutes. It is not an uncommon sight. #Manila #Makati #Philippines

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