Divine APPS.


Where do you find God? Heaven? The Church? The people around you?

Have you ever thought of God “digitally”?

As social media looms over our lives, the allure of the many places to go to grows more and more. Some, hopefully, might be looking for God. But, do we really need to go to great lengths to meet Him?

Consider the verse below:

Matthew 6:6 But when you pray, go to your inner room, close the door, and pray to your Father in secret. And your Father who sees in secret will repay you.

Amen! Thank you, Jesus! The Word of God is relevant in any generation and time! Please read on.

In secret – right now, what can be more secret than the tiny rooms inside our phones? If you think about it, we are already in our inner room and have closed the door through our increased time spent on our phones.

Would it be so hard to let God in?


Let me share a few “apps” that I use to let God in my inner room.

  1. Bible – currently, I use Catena app. It is available for android and IOS. It uses the NIV Bible though which is incomplete. When I need to read the other parts of the Bible, I go to usccb.org. I love it because there are commentaries by notable people in the church for some of the verses, I can even add my notes per verse! The interface is so easy to use as well and it’s fast – two of my most stringent requirements.
  2. Liturgical Calendar – there are so many iterations of this for android and IOS that you can just choose what looks best for you. Most have a widget that shares the saint of the day and the readings on your home screen without the need for you to set up anything. You just need to install it and glance at your screen – of course it wouldn’t hurt if you’d click the app and read what’s inside, right?
  3. iMissal (iOS) and iBreviary (Android) – these apps were created by different people but basically serve the same purpose. They contain the prayers for the day and a complete breviary as well as readings for the day. I find it very useful when I start my day to read the Word – so easy!

That’s about it! A complete set! I do suggest that you read the Bible every day. The Word we hear at Mass is but a sliver of the wonders that God is ready to show us. We just need to keep reading and praying – “secretly”. Let us be inspired to move! The Word of God is the Will of God!


Amen! God Bless! 🙂


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