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I forgot my keys. --- It was a fateful thursday morning. Arrived home at 1 am only to find that I didnt have my keys. I would spend the night outside. At 1, I saw people walking home. At 2, some had gone to shelter at the nearby 711 much like me. Most would eat some noodles - probably their dinner for the day before. At 3, people had started their days. They were starting to cook and prepare their wares to sell for the day. At 4, people were walking out to face the day again. Some though were just waking up from sleeping on the side of the roads. At 5, a lot of them would pass by smiling. --- I remembered how blessed I am. I then proceeded to sleep. #Makati #Manila #Philippines #instagram #startuplife
Our country is happy because of Christianity. If you're wondering why we can take on life and keep laughing and just moving on is because at the back of our minds we have been gifted with the gift of faith. Some people may never admit it but do open your mind and see. The belief in fate. The belief in a higher power with better plans. The belief in everyone having the call for fundamental good; The belief that we should not judge - at all; The belief in the call for acceptance and love; we all share. Pray for the persecuted around the world. They are strong because they face trials. Here in the Philippines, a lot of people openly throw away such a wonderful gift - it's never too late though. Let's help! #Makati #Manila #Philippines #instagram
Do you know what you want to do in your life? Do you want purpose? Maybe you could try this? 1. Deepen your relationship with God - there are no magic feelings, no special signs, no sudden changes - just peace 2. Be open to your surroundings - look around where are the places that need help 3. KNOW YOURSELF. deeply. Find our what you are capable of, where is your potential, what makes your heart race. 4. Find a mentor. Most people today look for the wrong kind of idols. Those rich and powerful and famous. Then we suddenly see those "blessed" ones take their lives. Find someone who has lived a life of giving. Who knows the real important things. It doesnt happen at an instant. Everything takes time. It takes time. It takes time! Let's go? #Makati #Manila #Philippines #instagram #goals
How was your sleep? I am guilty of being blind - often. Blind enough to not see the people that I cannot and do not help. I ask if I may be able to do better to help more. Let's appreciate things a bit more today shall we? And maybe a little more tomorrow. Good morning. #Makati #Manila #Philippines #instagram
Lead me Lord. #Makat #Manila #Philippines
Hold each other's hands, it is strong only with God's hands. If you ask me for the secret of happy couples, I think I have it. Being new, Understand that you both have different narratives, you've lived different lives. DO NOT accept everything, stand your ground on principles. GROW from aligning them not putting them against each other. Being together, Trust. Being old, Smile. #couplegoals #Philippines #Makati #Manila #instagram


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